Why did I love working on this project and what did I learn?

As part of my internship at Unic AG in Zurich, I got the opportunity to create a concept to redesign our own agency website. With this task, I not only had an individual design challenge to manage but I also did a test run with "Sketch" as a new design software and evaluated the compatibility for the whole design team at the same time. The trust I received from the team was unbelievable and I loved every minute of experimenting with the new software and working on this exciting project. I learned to lead a project, decide which people I needed to get involved and create a pitch of different strategic thrusts for the internal stakeholders. It had a major impact on my personal development and was a great way to juggle ideas with people outside of my department. Two years after this internship project I was involved in the official relaunch. 

Unic AG, Zurich

Unic AG, Zurich

6 amazing people

My Responsibility
Field Study, Research, Art Direction, Project Management, Visual Design, UI/UX Design, UX Strategy, Prototyping, Storytelling, Pitching

– Improved Workflow through the integration of Sketch
– More efficient collaboration between designers and developers
– A new interface to showcase the skills, vision, culture and values behind Unic AG, Zurich


Unic Website

– The journey from the
   challenge to the solution

The task was to create at least two distinguishable responsive design concepts. In order to give myself enough space to experiment with structure, grids, fonts and so on, I decided to create three completely different design concepts.   

I had interviews with internal stakeholders to capture their needs but also with random co-workers to learn from their experience. 


I started by sketching ideas on paper, talking to people around me and getting inspired by our company culture. With the new design concept I wanted to transfer the positive atmosphere from our office to the world out there. Once the different ideas were on paper I used Sketch and Invision to create wireframes and a clickable prototype.


Clickable prototypes to present the concept and gather feedback for the next iteration

The great collaboration made it possible to optimise our workflow and implement Sketch as the main design software.


Later on, the basis and findings of the internship project were used to kick off the official relaunch. My responsibility on the team was to create different page structures for the client detail pages. Due to my successful university application, I had to leave the agency before we finished the project. Below are the last designs which I created as part of the team.  


Christine, Christoph, Daniel, Dominik, Lorenzo, Mark, Oriol, Philippe, Stefan, Tijana and Yvonne
shared their knowledge with me and supported me on this journey. Thank you for your time, efforts and trust.

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