Why did I love working on this project and what did I learn?

The Swiss Post was my first website relaunch. I was new in a team of 5 designers and got the opportunity to collaborate with one of the Art Directors on this project. This collaboration has taught me everything I needed to know to gain basic knowledge about creating human-friendly digital experiences. I learned to create an understanding for people from different areas, for example finding a common language with web developers. I appreciate that I had to jump straight in at the deep end. It was learning by doing, which I love.

Swiss Post

Unic AG, Zurich

11 amazing people 

My Responsibility
Research, Visual Design, UI/UX Design, UX Strategy, Prototyping, Design Documentation

– 89% more site views
– 12% longer dwell time
– 20% usage with mobile devices
– Best of Swiss Web Master Award

– The journey from the
   challenge to the solution

With 6'400 new content pages created, 80+ integrated online services, 1'200'000 migrated login accounts and 20+ interfaces in Sitecore the Swiss Post website relaunch was a complex project – not only from a technical but also from a design perspective. The main goal was to create a responsive website which offered one access for many individual services. Our focus as a team was to design a user-friendly and barrier-free website.

Quick wireframes were the basis to showcase situations and solve complex problems.


Since the backend of this project was extremely complex it was relevant for everyone on the team to be on the same page – no matter if information architect, designer, developer or project manager. Finding ways to break down difficult systems into a language which everyone understood was one of the main learnings of this collaboration. 


The new website simplifies access to the online services and expands the digital world of the Swiss Post.

Pictograms support the navigation concept to make a clear differentiation.


As part of the core team I was responsible to create detail pages and redesign online services in collaboration with the Art Director. Besides that I took the lead to create two styleguides to ensure the consistency, explain responsive behaviour of the different modules and the use of the corporate identity. Through the collection of inputs from my team members I double checked my findings and understandings to challenge the definitions in the styleguide.


Putting together 117 pages of guidelines was a good way to deepen my knowledge about digital experiences.

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