Why did I love working on this project and what did I learn?

Coop Mondovino distinguished from other clients we worked with. As one of Switzerland's largest retail and wholesale companies tasks had to be executed fast and last minute changes happened on a daily basis. Being part of this project team taught me to work under pressure, improvise and find creative last-minute solutions. Through image research for the website and the newsletter, I could be part of telling the story from Mondovino and the culture of wine. Besides improving my design skills, taking on additional responsibility and collaborating in a fast-paced environment, I learned a lot about wine.

Coop Mondovino

Unic AG, Zurich

8 amazing people

My Responsibility
Image Research, Research, Visual Design, UI/UX Design, UX Strategy, Prototyping, Storytelling, Design Documentation

– Suitable design decision in a fast-paced environment
– 125,000+ active community members online
– Annual Multimedia Award Silver for Webshop
– Best of Swiss Web Award Gold for Usability

– The journey from the
   challenge to the solution

The main challenge was to create a wine platform for wine connoisseurs as well as for amateurs. I joined the team shortly before go live and took over the image research as the main task. The visual language had to simplify the content for wine amateurs and coincide with the high-level understanding of wine connoisseurs. We collaborated with wine experts from the client's side and we learned fast how wine has to be stored and how to hold a wine glass properly. Those things may seem like details but to make sure the visual material was suitable for all customers it was essential to have a basic knowledge in order to create a unique experience. 


The aim was to create an experience which makes everyone a wine expert no matter the current level of understanding.


As part of the newsletter team, my roles was to have an overview of all the images we used on the website and in the newsletter. Therefore, I created a styleguide to ensure consistency and common understanding within the team. This included all responsive formats for the newsletter as well as for the whole website.

We sent out the newsletter in three languages (German, French, Italian) on a weekly basis. We had to prepare all the visuals in three languages and in a suitable format for desktop and smartphone view.


Presenting credible visual material was essential to satisfy occasional wine drinkers as well as connoisseurs. 

The wine experts of Mondovino and our team worked closely together to create appealing content for 125,000+ active members.


Besides the image research and the newsletter creation my team trusted me with tasks like adapting icons, creating teaser visuals for the homepage and designing new detail pages. When I designed the 404 Errorpage, I wanted to create something that makes the user smile. So, I used a simple illustration combined with a pun "Wein doch nicht" to create a playful experience. In order to make sure it works, I hung up print-outs in the office kitchen and asked my colleagues to give me feedback and vote for the version which makes them laugh the most.


We collected 1,419 wine corks for a collaborative project to decorate our office and celebrate our teamwork.

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