Why did I love working on this project and what did I learn?

Teamwork was at the core of this project. The UX team works closely with the developers and the stakeholders. We did design reviews across other BBC products which helped to get different perspectives but also to learn from others. In this project, user research had a high priority. We carried out testing sessions on a regular basis to get insights into the user's pain and happy points. During the pandemic, we started with remote user testing. It has been a different experience but we were able to adjust quickly and the sessions were very useful. This project gave me the opportunity to connect with buyers and sales teams from all over the world.

BBC Studios


9 amazing people

My Responsibility
Visual Design, Prototyping, UX Research & Strategy, Usability Testing, Accessibility

226% increase in unique episodes watched
852% increase in unique title page views

BBC Studios International Content Platform

– The journey from the
   challenge to the solution

Every year BBC Studios hosts its flagship event, Showcase, in Liverpool to present new shows to international content buyers (e.g. HBO, PBS, Netflix Australia, British Airways). During the year but especially at the event buyers access the International Content Platform (ICP) to explore the new show highlights and browse through the shows which they want to buy. Our team was challenged with the task to personalise the ICP experience and build a brand new screening application that could be used offline.

One to one testing sessions make our users feel part of the process.


When the UX team created concepts for new features we discussed them as early as possible with the development team. This helped us to understand technical constraints, gave us access to new perspectives and brought a new level of detail. When everyone worked from home we collaborated on Miro. That was a productive way to share requirements, go through user flows and discuss wireframes.


Visual design and UX animations support our users to navigate through the content.

The whole team met every morning to check in on the work in progress. There were creative activities & great team spirit.


A new personalised area called 'My Shows' is the dashboard for our users to make their work process earlier. They can find there not only shows which are recommended by their sales rep but also shows which they get notifications for and customisable lists.

A major part of the Showcase event is when buyers spend time in screening booths watching shows. Our app has seen a massive increase in viewing activity and discovery of BBC content by our international buyers. Because our users feel involved in the process and the new 'My Shows' features were a big success. 


Close collaboration with the development team and stakeholders was essential for the success of the new offline app.
Our users were at the heart of this project and getting quick feedback on new features was crucial.

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